The Training Shirt Scale


In crafting the "Training Shirt Scale," we've drawn inspiration from the esteemed principles of dressage, merging them seamlessly with our commitment to quality and purpose. Through this tiered system, we invite you to embark on a journey that mirrors the stages of equine training, showcasing your dedication to excellence and your passion for the equine world.

Rhythm & Relaxation - The Foundation:

 Our Training Shirt Scale draws inspiration from the foundational principles of the dressage training scale. Just as rhythm and relaxation form the bedrock of equine training, our Rhythm & Relaxation tier comprises solid-colored shirts that are available year-round. These shirts are the embodiment of timeless elegance, serving as the stock colors that can always be replenished. They are a reflection of the enduring essence that defines both dressage and Deinhardt Designs.

Connection - The Seasonal Symphony:

Moving up the scale, we reach the Connection tier, mirroring the crucial step of forging a harmonious partnership between rider and horse. These shirts are akin to the seasonal solid colors, capturing the essence of the moment and the evolving seasons. Just as dressage riders work on establishing a connection with their equine partners, these shirts symbolize the dynamic relationship between design and nature, bringing you limited-time hues that resonate with the time of year.

Impulsion and Straightness - The Printed Path:

Our Impulsion and Straightness tier aligns with the stages where dressage training emphasizes impulsion and the development of straightness. Here, we introduce printed shirts that stand as vibrant testaments to the energy and precision inherent in these stages. Each print tells a story, capturing the spirit of equine athleticism and the artistic depth of our watercolor creations. These shirts celebrate the journey towards impulsion and straightness, echoing the dynamic progression of dressage.

Collection - Prints with a Purpose:

At the apex of both the dressage training scale and our Training Shirt Scale, we present the Collection tier. Just as dressage culminates in the refined art of collection, we offer a selection of "Prints with a Purpose" shirts. These are seasonal prints that go beyond aesthetics, as a portion of the proceeds from these shirts is dedicated to supporting charitable organizations. This tier symbolizes the pinnacle of purpose-driven design, embodying the culmination of dedication, skill, and a profound impact on the equine community and beyond.